Brown's Notary Services


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WE ARE VETERAN OWNED AND VETERAN OPERATED. We provide professional services by witnessing and validating a variety of documents and proceedings, such as oaths, affidavits, real estate documents, business documents, state and county documents, immigration documents, tax documents, as well as a number of other items that require verification of document content and the signing parties' identities. We specialize in real estate closings and re-fi closings.

Many people encounter notary public's on a daily basis but few take the time to notice the full range of services that a notary public provides. The job description of a notary public goes beyond stamping something or signing a document. There are various other less known functions of a notary that can be helpful for you to know whether you are considering a job as a notary or seeking their services. Signature Witnessing, Depositions, Confirmation of Acknowledgment, Oaths and Affirmations to name a few. We specialize in real estate closings and re-fi closings.

Service Locations

With our headquarters located in Warrenton, Virginia, this allows us to provide our services to the residents of Fauquier  and Culpeper counties.


We will drive to you. We will meet you at your home, diner, place of employment, local jail, and hospital.


Legal Documents- Power of Attorney, Wills, Occupancy Affidavits, Health Directives, Financial documents, personal legal documents, medical releases, consent letters for minors, Acknowledgements and affidavit.